The League Brazilian Amateur Radio Broadcast – LABRE in order to pay homage to Brazil through its most popular sports and also football fans around the world, establishing the "Land of the Diploma Brazil Football".
The "Diploma Brazil Land of Football" is temporary and the period for achieving the QSO to get it is from June 1, 2014 until July 30, 2014.
All licensed amateur radio and listens (SWL) may obtain the Diploma.
Will be operating 27 commemorative stations, one in each of the 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District, with 12 key stations with prefix ZX14 and 15 stations with special prefix ZY14 as follows:

Unidade Federativa Indicativo Unidade Federativa Indicativo
Acre ZY 14 AC Pará ZY 14 PA
Alagoas ZY 14 AL Paraná ZX 14 PR
Amapá ZY 14 AP Pernambuco ZX 14 PE
Amazonas ZX 14 AM Piauí ZY 14 PI
Bahia ZX 14 BA Rio de Janeiro ZX 14 RJ
Ceará ZX 14 CE Rio Grande do Norte ZX 14 RN
Distrito Federal ZX 14 DF Rio Grande do Sul ZX 14 RS
Espírito Santo ZY 14 ES Rondônia ZY 14 RO
Goiás ZY 14 GO Roraima ZY 14 RR
Maranhão ZY 14 MA Santa Catarina ZY 14 SC
Mato Grosso ZX 14 MT São Paulo ZX 14 SP
Mato Grosso do Sul ZY 14 MS Sergipe ZY 14 SE
Minas Gerais ZX 14 MG Tocantins ZY 14 TO
Paraíba ZY 14 PB    

The " Diploma Brazil Land of Soccer " will be awarded in 3 categories , Bronze , Silver and Gold , as the number of QSO made ​​cumulatively with key stations , special and general Brazilian stations , according to the table below :

4 key stations ( ZX14 * )
8 key stations ( ZX14 * )
12 key stations ( ZX14 * )
5 special stations ( ZY14 * )
10 special stations ( ZY14 * )
15 special stations ( ZY14 * )
25 stations in Brazil
50 stations in Brazil
80 stations in Brazil

There is no limitation of bands . One can use any case echo- less link.
Evidence of the QSO with the ZX14 * and * ZY14 stations will be taken from the logs of these stations and the QSO with other Brazilian stations will be accepted by the statement requesting that the QSO were performed himself.
The requisition of the " Land of the Diploma Brazil Football " will be accepted until December 31, 2014 ( date of shipment / post ) , and must be done through report with data from QSO and sent to :

LABRE – Management DiplomasPO Box 470351-970 Brasília – DFBRAZIL
There is a cost for shipping the " Diploma Brazil Land of Football " as below :· Stations of Brazil : 15 postage stamps first commercial scale· Stations of the Americas : $ 4 or 3 IRC· Stations of the rest of the world : $ 5 or 4 IRC The " Diploma Brazil Land of Football " is multicolored and printed on A4 size paper , with a weight of 150g/m2
The LABRE confirm with commemorative QSL card via bureau and paper , all QSOs made ​​by ZX14 * and * ZY14 stations .
For consignment QSL via direct ( by mail ) the requester must submit their QSL address for the above disclosed , noting the following :
· Stations of Brazil : SAE + 1 postage stamp first commercial scale for up to 3 QSL
· Stations of the rest of the world : SAE + $ 2 or 1 IRC for up to 3 QSL
All QSO made ​​with the ZX14 * and * ZY14 stations are for the Worked All Diploma WAB Brazil , may be used in requests from WAB without the need for submission of QSL . The WAB can be requested only those stations with QSO with or merged with other QSO in order to complete the requirements of the regulation .

Orlando Perez Son . · . PT2OP
Executive director