We are pleased to announce the final results of our WW IRON HAM CONTEST ADXG first edition 2012.

We have the firm commitment to   annually reduce the time for the announcement of the final results of our contest. This year accordingly with our initial schedule we are showing the final results 30 days after the contest end.

We would like to emphasize that this achievement has been possible thanks to the use of  a extremely fast and accurate log checking software developed by our friend  UA4WLI, also developer of the TR4W contest log among several other SWs.

This is our first WWIH edition and we are glad to see a considerable number of hams all over the world showing there abilities on three modes operation, CW, PHONE and RTTY. We express our best thanks for the important support of all participants.

Being the first edition a quite big number of hams made a low number of contacts and our check log program validate only QSOs that appears correctly on three or more logs submitted within 72 hours after the contest end.

Accordingly with our philosophy all received logs are going to be open to all participants, as final results and UBN log checking results. All those information are going to be available on our WEB page within 10 days from this announcement.

For Results click here: